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How a waitress in Wisconsin reacts to a meat-free grain-free order

“I’d like 3 over-easy eggs, please.”

“And what kind of meat with that?”

“No meat.”

“And what kind of toast?”

“No toast, please.”

“OOOOOooooohhh.” (In a tone like I just said “My family was just brutally murdered by a werewolf.”)

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Lunch on the go: LCHF for the real world


People, I work in an office.  I don’t sit at home in some giant kitchen wearing a frilly apron cooking steak and zucchini for myself every day (man, that would be amazing though!).  Most days, I have to quick slam some food down just like you do.  In your pre-LCHF life, you probably brought some gross frozen meal or  depressing can o’ soup for lunch.  Now you’ve got the perks of flavor on your side.  For some reason when people first start LCHF they get really freaked out about lunch… “what do I eat?  I can’t eat sandwiches anymore!”  There is so much more to life than sandwiches, folks!

Have access to a fridge?  Here’s a few options:

  • Grilled chicken bacon ranch salad
  • Ham and cheese lettuce wrap
  • Plain greek yogurt, strawberries, and almonds
  • Fast and simple: cheese, berries, and nuts

Have access to a microwave too?  You’ve got even more options:

  • Leftover Boom Boom Meatballs (if you somehow managed to not eat them all last night!)
  • Beef stew
  • Really, any leftovers from last night are probably going to work great.

Are you ordering lunch with your coworkers?  Never fear!  You’ve got lots of options!

  • Ordering Jimmy Johns?  Ask for an unwich, which is a lettuce wrap.  I always ask for extra mayo packets.  Their avocado spread is great on subs.
  • Ordering pizza?  No problem!  Just eat the toppings.
  • Ordering from a burger joint?  Just toss the bun and eat the patty and toppings with a fork.
  • Ordering chinese?  I usually go for moo goo gai pan, which isn’t breaded and doesn’t have added sugar at least at my local restaurant.  It has some great veggies with it.
  • Ordering italian?  There should be an option for a dish with lots of veggies listed.  For instance, one of the local restaurants in my area is Victoria’s, and they have a dish called Sicilian Tortellini that has tortellini with zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions in a tomato based sauce.  Just eat around the tortellini.

What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch at work?

(photo credit: daBinsi)

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