I’m Ellie… I’m a Midwestern girl losing weight on the LCHF diet.  It’s not as easy here as in Europe since our country is focused on high carb, low fat for losing weight, but there are still plenty of food options available if you’re willing to cook your own food.  I’ve spent the past couple of months pointing family and friends to the resources I’ve been finding on the internet, and sharing recipes I’ve created, and decided it would be great to just have it all in one place.

I found out about low carb eating many years ago, but I’m one of those “prove to me why it’s better for you” kind of people.  After reading “Good Calories, Bad Calories”, I was convinced that it made better biological sense.  Now that I eat this way all the time, I feel so much healthier and can’t imagine eating any other way.

Cast of characters: Me (27), Superhusband aka Kevin (26), and occasionally my mom will even contribute recipes.  Our cats even eat grain-free!

Disclaimers:  I’m not a doctor, I’m not a photographer, I’m not a writer, and I occasionally burn my food when I cook it.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. sugarfreelee says:

    ‘I occasionally burn my food when I cook it’ Hahah love your writing Ellie! Glad I stumbled across your blog girl!

  2. My Dear, not only America is focused on grain… You’re Talking to someone that comes from Italy! We have Barilla, De Cecco, Garofalo, Agnesi and something like 1.500 other smaller companies producing PASTA. Every one of our region has its own typic bread (in Toscana, we have ours, in Emilia they have Ferrarese, in Sicily they have the Mafalda, in Puglia they have Altamura, in Liguria they have the Schiacciata ligure). In Northern Italy, around Vercelli they make rice. Who more than Italy is addicted to wrong eating? I am trying to lose weight and I do think LCHF is THE solution, seen all of the benefits that come with this way of living, but it is so hard and you do not know how hard! Soooo nice I’ve met you! And cannot wait to try the fake Pizza I read about in you blog! i guess I’ll stay around! Thank you for sharing.

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