I’m tapping out.

I’m really kinda bummed to write this, but I’m giving up vegetarian month.  I’ve been really pushing hard through it and trying out some awesome recipes, but my body was giving me signs.  I was doing blog maintenance last night approving comments, deleting spam (no I don’t want your site design or penis enhancement help) and I re-read my entry about shoes/listening to your gut.  Starting this month, I was trying new recipes and my gut got mad, so I backed off and started going with tried-and-true recipes.  This helped some, but the last few days I’ve had an increase in migraines, a BIG increase in hand tingling, and leg swelling.  These were things that used to be everyday experiences for me pre-LCHF, but have gone away since.  I’ve been wanting to keep going, but  I decided I need to take my own advice, and return to my original way of eating a bit early.

Could it be the increase in nuts and dairy to make up for the lack of meat protein that caused the issues?  Maybe.  Could it be some sort of omega 6 overload?  Dunno.  Here’s what I do know:  I represent me.  There are six billion people on this planet.  I’m one of them.  Just one.  N=1 experiments are intriguing, but don’t really tell you much (and this really wasn’t meant to be an experiment, it was just something fun anyway).  So you shouldn’t take anything from my experiences beyond that they’re mine.  I find Sam Feltham’s self-experiments fascinating, but he’s one person.  For every one person who has an issue taking out meat, there’s tons more who thrive on plant-based diets.  I’m still going to continue to try new vegetarian and vegan dishes like I always have on this blog, but it seems that my body likes it better when they are spread out between meals with meat.

I still want to continue this month with featuring higher-fat grain-free sugar-free vegetarian dishes, so that’s my plan!

Still friends?

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