Making your own lip balm

20140225_165359I go through a TON of lip balm in the winter.  As we discussed in the lotion post, it’s so dry here that from September to May i’m constantly slathered up from head to toe trying to keep from drying out.  In my mission to create a healthier home, I decided that something that is frequently used and goes near my mouth should probably be near the top of the list.

I found this great recipe for lip balm:

Just like last time with the oil wash, I’m going to tell you what changes I made, and what products helped me.  Just like before, I don’t get paid for telling you these things, I’m just trying to point you down the right path.

The basic idea is that you need to melt some things down, without overheating them, and without exposing them to water.  You can put an inch of water in a pan, and then put a sturdy glass container (like a wide mouth mason jar) in the pan and heat your ingredients in there.  That process is identical to the lotion recipe.  For the oil I used apricot oil this time, as I was making some of them for someone with coconut allergies.  For wax, I used organic beeswax pastilles.  I got the pastilles versus a bar because I don’t wanna have to grate them, it just saves me time.  I did add in some shea butter.  For both lotions and lip balms, your basic ratios are 1 part beeswax, 2 parts oil.  You can add in butters (like shea butter or cocoa butter) and you don’t have to adjust your beeswax/oil ratio.  If you like it a little more sloppy, have more oil.  You like a firm lotion or lip balm, add a little more beeswax.

When I made my lip balm, I got these cute little balm containers.  You can get empty tube-style if you prefer, or you can throw it in old altoid tins for all I care.  These just worked for me.  I made several different scents/flavors using essential oils: I made a couple with lemongrass, a couple with ginger lemon (GREAT for cycle-related nausea), a couple with lime/tangerine/lemon (citrus), and lots unscented.  It’s easier to get it in the containers with droppers.  They’re gonna be impossible to clean out, so if you go that route, get disposable.  If you don’t want to be throwing away that much, use a narrow spoon and clean it well afterwards.

Labeling the lip balms is optional, but it can help identify them in 3 months when you suddenly can’t remember what you made.  Or if you’re handing them out to people.  We use this label printer, but you don’t need anything fancy like that.

At the end of the day, you may be wondering about price.  When I made it with coconut oil I did the calculations, and each lip balm came in under 70 cents a piece.  That’s WAY cheaper than buying anything remotely comparable in the store.  And you get to control the consistency, the scent and flavor, and whether you want to spend a little more for organic components.


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