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Interview with SuperHusband: LCHF Week 1 on the books

My SuperHusband has now been doing LCHF for one week!  Time to check in to see how he’s feeling, and how much he’s kicking my butt in the weight loss department.   Any interviews in the “Interviews” category, by the way, is totally real.  If there is a Q&A section at the bottom of a regular post, I probably made it up in my head.

SuperHusband and I

Q: So, what made you want to try low carb?

SuperHusband:  I made a goal for myself that it was time to lose weight.

Q:  But why specifically low carb?  Why not low fat?

SuperHusband:  Because I have no knowledge of how to diet.  I figured it would be easier to just do what you do.

Q:  What concerns did you have going into low carb?  

SuperHusband: Not finding enough varieties of foods to eat.

Q:  What have you found most challenging about this week?

SuperHusband:  Starving because there’s nothing to eat.  (this is where I give him a death stare because he’s lying, he been telling me that he doesn’t know why I whined the first week)  I dunno… it wasn’t really that hard of a week.

Q:  You were pretty grumpy on Saturday.  (Ellie’s note: Seriously, saying grumpy is a giant understatement.)  Did you notice you were being grumpy?

SuperHusband:  I thought I was just being my normal grumpy self.

Q: Even your mom thought you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  How about other keto flu symptoms?  Muscle aches?  I know you had some a few days, how are you feeling now?

SuperHusband:  I still have a few cramps in my legs, but they don’t really bother me, I only feel them when I stretch in the mornings. (Ellie’s note: I can’t get him to drink broth, he hates the stuff.)

Q:  What is your one week weight loss at?

SuperHusband:  I haven’t weighed myself today. It was 14 pounds on Wednesday.

Q:  Gah.  Men.

SuperHusband:  Boom.

Q:  Are you surprised at how easy this has all been?

SuperHusband:  Yeah.

Q:  One word?  You’re giving me one word?  Nothing about how different this is from how you used to eat, and yet you’re totally chill and not chewing off your arm?

SuperHusband: Yeah, that sounds good.

Q:  This is going downhill.  Let’s talk energy levels.   Before low carb, after work, scale of 1 to 10, how much energy did you have to do stuff?

SuperHusband: probably a 5.

Q:  How do you feel now?

SuperHusband:  Most days a 10.

Q: Seriously?

SuperHusband: Yeah.  Most days before I’d get home and not have energy to load the dishwasher, or clean, or want to do anything but sit after a long day’s work, but I noticed that now I didn’t even think about it, I just started doing stuff right when I got home.

Q:  I know you had a little trepidation that this diet may not be heart-healthy.  Do you feel a little more confident now after I explained the flawed data that lead our country to focus on low-fat?

SuperHusband:  Still kind of unsure.

Q:  Besides obviously weight loss, do you have any other goals to improve your health?

SuperHusband:  I do want to get back into exercising like I used to.




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