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Awesome podcast! plus a kindle book deal

Seriously, folks, I love the Angriest Trainer podcast.  Their advice is LCHF friendly (they promote No Sugar No Grains) and living healthy.  Episode 213 really blew me away, and I wanted to have everyone check it out.  They had the comedian Robert Kelly on the show who just started eating NSNG a few weeks ago and he talks about breaking food addiction, the keto flu which we’ve discussed, and how amazing real food tastes.

By the way, if you love the podcast, you may want to buy Vinnie’s book.  If you head over to Amazon, his book Fitness Confidential in the kindle format is only 99 cents through Cyber Monday.  What an amazing deal!  I don’t earn any money by promoting either of these things, I’m just a really big fan and want you to check both the podcast and the book out.

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Review: “Fitness Confidential”

I’m a big fan of the Vinnie Tortorich: Angriest Trainer podcast.  His saying is “Your good intentions have been stolen and I’m here to help you get ’em back!”  He doesn’t b.s. (I hope I don’t either) and I love that.  Nothing worse than fluffy fitness and diet advice.  When his book  “Fitness Confidential” came out, I bought it for my kindle and devoured it in short order.

I can sum up the fitness and diet advice found in this book very easily: ditch the sugar, ditch the grains, and find some sort of movement that you find enjoyable and do that.  Hmm… does that sound like I’m saying “i’m saving you time, don’t buy the book”?  Hell no!  This book is fantastic!  Fair warning ahead of time, there are explicit points in the book just like his podcast.  But reading about his journey from Louisiana (LA) to the *other* LA is great, excuses his clients give him to not work out, how to avoid getting ripped off by fitness clubs and incompetent trainers, and doing the Furnace Creek 508.  Maybe you’re needing a little tough love to really stick to LCHF (or as he calls it, NSNG for no sugar no grains).  You’re going to get that.  If you’re still not sure if you’re going to like the book, download a few episodes of his podcast and see if it’s for you.


Review: “The Low Carb High Fat Cookbook: 100 Recipes to Lose Weight and Feel Great”

Who doesn’t love cookbooks?  I seem to collect them.  I can still remember making a mess at the kitchen counter pouring over the fantastic Betty Crocker cookbook.  When my grandmother died, I inherited her orange-covered copy.  I also love my Cook’s Illustrated cookbook, and reference it frequently when trying to figure out the best method to tackle an intricate dish since they try out dozens of cooking variations to find the best one.

The one thing my cupboard was really lacking, though, was a really good low carb cookbook.  I have a few low carb cookbooks, but none of them have pictures (wow, does that make me seem like a little kid) and I really like home-y dishes.  I don’t need to know how to make a lemon meringue pie without sugar (although that does sound interesting), I want a solid cookbook that isn’t afraid of fat, isn’t using vegetables that I am trying to avoid (like potatoes), and isn’t too complicated.  I was hopeful when I ordered “The Low Carb High Fat Cookbook” that it would fit that bill.

The author, Sten Sture Skaldeman, also writes for LCHF magazine in Sweden and has written several books regarding the LCHF diet.  I have not read his other books nor read his magazine (I know no Swedish, sadly, the Muppets are lying jerks) so I cannot speak for his other works, nor am I very aware of his other accomplishments.  What I gather from his Google-translated website is that he’s lost and kept off 70 kgs (about 150 lbs) for 13 years!  Pretty impressive!

Now, onto my thoughts on the cookbook.

The good:

Helloooo delicious.   This book is filled with exactly what I was looking for… glossy food porn pictures, great meat recipes, and all the recipes are properly unafraid of fat (it is the low carb HIGH FAT cookbook, after all).  I loved the different uses of vegetables as well… I feel like i’m always cooking vegetables the same way over and over again but can never find a recipe book that can guide me to cook veggies the LCHF way.  It even had me looking at old dishes that I never realized where LCHF, like moussaka.     I am hoping I can get my hands on some deer meat after dear season to try out the game meat stew!

The bad:

Some of the ingredients mentioned, good luck finding them in the States.  For instance, I’ve never seen Ox meat in any grocery store, and my favorite grocery store is known for having a vast variety of items.  I’ve also never seen juniper berries.  I wouldn’t call that a major issue, though, as most of the dishes have very common items that you can find in any grocery store.

The only other bad thing is that the units of measurement is a little odd due to being converted from grams to cups.  The recipe will give you things like “4/5 cup cream”, but, our measuring cups go by 1/4s, not 1/5s.  This is not a big deal either.  This is cooking, not baking.  There is no specific chemical reaction going on here, so you can either 1)eyeball it, or 2) Enter the measurements into this recipe converter, telling it that you want to scale it to a factor of “1” (meaning, you’re not changing the amount at all), and it’ll tell you what it means in real measurements.  So, 2/5 cup turns into “1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons + 1 1/4 teaspoons “.  I’m an eyeballer, but if you feel better making it to the letter of the recipe, there you go.

Conclusion:  I’d buy it again!  It’s not just because I collect cookbooks, it’s because I’ve gotten some fantastic cooking ideas from it.  If you feel like you’re in a slump for ideas, I think it’s worth the purchase.  You can always go to Amazon and download the free Kindle preview of the cookbook.

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