Day 2: Creamy Vegetable Thai Red Coconut Curry

One of the most important things to do when you have to make a dietary switch is to not make it too complicated on yourself.  If you find yourself allergic or intolerant of nuts, you don’t need to go crazy finding nut substitutes.  If you are diagnosed celiac, you don’t need to go crazy finding wheat substitutes.  Just because I’m not eating meat, doesn’t mean I need to eat meat substitutes.  There’s a lot of veggie burgers that are loaded with junk, and I’m not willing to eat junk when I can easily eat the same delicious meals that I enjoy eating every day minus the meat.

For breakfast, I ate some delicious deviled eggs that I made a couple days ago.  I had this big mess making them and they were probably the ugliest looking deviled eggs, but the still tasted great.

Lunch was a recipe that someone posted on facebook a few days ago.  It was an amazing looking coconut curry.  Coconut milk (from the can, not those refrigerated cartons) is high on fat and can be the base of a great LCHF meal.  I switched out the sweet potato in the recipe and put in zucchini instead.  I also took out the red bell pepper because those don’t sit well in my tummy.  My grocery store didn’t have snow peas so I just used sugar snap peas.  I think I put about 2 tbsp of coconut oil into the recipe.

I did make one mistake when making the recipe… I added in cilantro.  It IS in the recipe, but I don’t like cilantro.  If you don’t like something in a recipe, don’t add it.  The rest of it was delicious!  I inputted my alterations into a calculator and it is 14% carbs, 81% fat, well within LCHF guidelines.  And it’s vegan, so this is a great dish to serve when you have guests with dietary restrictions.


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