Day 6 (whoops, a day late)!

I totally forgot to post yesterday.  It doesn’t mean that I was holed up eating bacon I promise 😀  Although, I did discover one minor oops when I was taking my vitamins: fish oil.  I’m just gonna count this as an “oh well”, because I’m not going to go buy flaxseed oil instead and I’m taking it by doctor recommendation so I can’t stop taking it altogether.

Last night for dinner I wasn’t really in the mood to cook, and Superhusband had worked a long day so I certainly wasn’t going to make him cook.  We did what we do sometimes in this situation: We ordered a pizza.  We usually order a meat lovers pizza, but this time we ordered half of it with extra mozzarella and feta cheese.  We scrape off and eat the toppings and toss the crust.  I discovered pretty soon after starting LCHF and grieving what I thought was a totally depressing loss of pasta and bread an ultimate truth:

The good stuff isn’t the bread and the pasta, it is what’s ON the bread and the pasta!

It’s the pasta SAUCE and the meatballs that give you that happy feeling.  Pasta tastes like eating soggy tree bark by itself.  And i’d rather eat a library book than eat a piece of bread by itself.  I want what’s ON the bread.  Now, obviously this month I won’t be having meatballs, but my point is, eating the toppings off of a pizza are just as satisfying as eating the pizza itself.  If you’re still looking to get that same pizza crunch and pizza holding experience, a fathead pizza is the way to go.

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