I started washing my face. With oil. Happiness Ensued.

Image courtesy of rakratchada torsap / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of rakratchada torsap / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It’s funny how oil went from this thing to be avoided at all costs to this thing that really brings function and health to my life now.  When I eat it, I lose weight.  When I mix it in my lotions, my arms and legs get so soft even during the harsh Wisconsin winters.  Over a month ago, I started doing something new with oil: I started washing my face with it.

“But Ellie” you’re saying, “oil is what you’re trying to remove from your face, you shouldn’t be adding it to your face.”  Well, sorta kinda not really (man it’s about to become really clear that I’m not a doctor).  The oil on your face is kind of like your skin’s self-cleaning cycle.  It releases oil to get the junk out of your pores.  That “junk” can be dirt, can be dead skin, can be the chemicals left behind from your crappy cleanser.  It also helps to keep your skin naturally hydrated.   By washing your face with oil, instead of chemical junk, you’re giving your face’s self-cleaning cycle a helping hand.

Even if your skin is already oily, you can benefit from oil-washing.  Some people see a reduction in oil production when they use the right kinds of oils on their face.  By using oils to cleanse, they’re telling their face “chill out, I’ve got this covered.  Go take a nap” instead of freaking it out by drying it out using regular crappy cleansers.  Crappy cleansers tend to be loaded with drying ingredients like alcohol, nasty estrogen-mimicking ingredients (yeah, I’m talking about you, parabens), and other stupid junk that doesn’t work well and dries out your skin or gets you sick.

When I first started oil-washing, I used Crunchy Betty’s oil-washing guide.  I still consider that to be the best guide on the internet.  Let me tell you exactly what *I* do, though, since it slightly varies.  (By the way, I’m including product links in case this helps beginners, but I don’t make money off these.)  I’ve found that her recipes include too much castor oil.  For oily skin she suggests 2/3 castor oil to 1/3 carrier oil.  At least for my skin, that’s way too much castor oil, and dries out my skin big time.  I found that 4 parts almond oil (my carrier oil of choice) to 1 part castor oil works great.  I mix that up in a handy dropper bottle with 10 drops of lavender essential oil.  Why lavender essential oil?  Well, a few reasons.  It smells awesome for one.  It’s also antibacterial.  And it helps me chill out.

Just like described in the guide, I get the water pretty warm, about as warm as I can stand.  I squirt about a dime sized amount of oil into my hands, and rub it all over my face for about a minute or so.  I put a washcloth into the really warm water, squeeze it out, then spread the steamy washcloth over my face.  Let that sit for 30 seconds or so, until you start to feel a little silly standing there with a washcloth on your face.  Then get some fresh warm water on the cloth, and wipe the oil off.  If, after washing, you feel your face is a little dry (it might, might not), you can rub in some fractionated coconut oil or some almond oil.  Worried about wrinkles (aren’t we all)?  Dab some vitamin E oil around your eyes.  You may also want to use carrot seed essential oil in your oil mix.

You may find that you only have to wash your face a couple of times a week.  And yes, this washing method works even if you have acne.

By the way, if you like buying quality essential oils, my sister sells Doterra oils.  I love their lavender oil!  They also sell the fractionated coconut oil.

Any questions?  Do you do oil washing?

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3 thoughts on “I started washing my face. With oil. Happiness Ensued.

  1. onenewstart says:

    I so going to try this, when we moved to Iowa my skin freeeeeeeaked out. Now my skin is so dry my knuckles bleed and I’ll spare you the rest… lol. Thanx

  2. […] Just like last time with the oil wash, I’m going to tell you what changes I made, and what products helped me.  Just like before, I don’t get paid for telling you these things, I’m just trying to point you down the right path. […]

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