February: Vegetarian Challenge Month (!!)

Image courtesy of KEKO64 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of KEKO64 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I agreed to a challenge for next month: eat all vegetarian meals.  The challenge was posed in a group I’m in and I agreed for a few reasons.

  • While I love meat and have no plans on permanently giving it up, I know that the human body is super cool and can run on lots of different fuel.  Flex fuel, yo.  I support those who are vegans and vegetarian wholeheartedly.
  • Some people, like those who eat halal food or people who are very particular about eating only grass-fed or pastured meat, will choose to eat vegetarian food when away from home to avoid eating something that goes against their dietary or religious beliefs.  I thought that eating vegetarian for a month would make me more aware of the challenges of that.
  • I can.  I don’t mean that in the same was as that crazy chick who ate only Starbucks for a year just because she could.  I mean it in the way that I have the time, the patience, the knowledge, and the ability to do a well-formulated vegetarian diet for a month.  I think it will make a good topic for the blog, and since I’m able to do it, I’m gonna do it.

This will obviously present some challenges:

  • I love bacon.  This is just a fact.
  • My husband will still be eating meat this entire month.
  • Because I’m insulin resistant, it will still be important for me to keep my diet as high of fat as possible.  I’ll likely be adding some legumes (or not, we’ll see) which is bending the LCHF rules a bit, but I’ve found from experience that I do okay with limited legumes.
  • I work in an office, which means that at least one meal a day will have some limited options for cooking.  This is obviously an everyday challenge, but will be further limited by no meat.  There are a lot of days where I don’t have meat while at work, though, so it’s not a huge deal.
  • Did I mention I love bacon?

So, starting February 1st, I’ll be posting about Vegetarian Challenge Month and sharing some Vegetarian friendly dishes.

There you go!  Anyone wanna join? 😀

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2 thoughts on “February: Vegetarian Challenge Month (!!)

  1. Sarah Haynes says:

    Coconut oil, macadamias, avocados are your friends! I am dating a vegetarian and have been suggesting nsng for him, so it’s in my brain, and have been doing more veggie meals too. Probably won’t do the month-long, but it’s good to have it in mind. Good luck!

  2. I am very interested to see your results. Good luck with this challenge!

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