Recipe Round-up: Fathead Pizza

“Where is the pizza cutter?” is a phrase you have not heard in this house in a looong time.  After way too many tries at some very sad crust substitutes, Superhusband and I have been pretty content at just getting delivery pizza and removing the toppings to eat.  I’ve heard rumblings in the low carb world about this mythical Fathead Pizza and I had to try it.  Word was that it was just as crispy as thin crust pizza, not floppy, not soggy, not sad, very filling, and very easy to make.  Lofty expectations!

Folks… I can confirm all of the above rumors.  It is. AMAZING.  I recommend making it as soon as possible.  You may have to dig a bit to find your pizza cutter, but it is well worth it.


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4 thoughts on “Recipe Round-up: Fathead Pizza

  1. […] I obviously went with the veggie stock.  I also had half a red onion and some scallions left over from making a fathead pizza, I threw in a bay leaf, some dried shiitake mushrooms, and some peppercorns.  When I wake up in […]

  2. […] have nothing fancy to report.  For lunch I made a vegetarian version of a new standby in our house: fathead pizza.  Guess which half of the pizza is mine and which was my […]

  3. […]  If you’re still looking to get that same pizza crunch and pizza holding experience, a fathead pizza is the way to […]

  4. […] seemed a little like a weird “too good to be true” hack, but after the success of the Fathead pizza, it was worth a […]

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