Superhusband and I JUST dropped off a bunch of clothes at Goodwill probably 4 or 5 weeks ago.  I looked over at him a couple days ago and… his brand new pants were already sagging on him!  See, these are the LCHF problems we face.  It’s not what people think.  We don’t face problems finding things to eat at restaurants, we don’t face problems with hunger, we do face problems with eating bad tasting food.  We face problems with shrinking out of our clothes too fast for our wallets to catch up with us.

As you may remember, Superhusband just started LCHF in early June, and he’s already lost just shy of 70 lbs.  He’s also down 4 pants sizes.  I always have my weight loss ticker on my About page, but currently I’m at 124 lbs lost.

So what other LCHF problems do we have?  And By the way, they are all AWESOME problems.

  • We don’t look like our driver license pictures (gotta fix that)
  • We spend a lot of time telling people how we are losing weight so effortlessly (and referring people to this blog, hi everyone!)
  • We’ve become “THAT person” who doesn’t eat halloween candy.
  • Along with needing to replace all of our clothing on a fairly regular basis, we had a coat crisis when winter struck, because we didn’t fit in our old ones.  I’m pretty certain both Superhusband AND I can fit in my old jacket.

What sort of LCHF problems have you been dealing with?

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4 thoughts on “#LCHFProblems

  1. Monica says:

    Monicay stop losing after 65lbs. It has been 3 or 4 months and NO weightloss! LCHF dosnt work for me anymore. Haven’t gain but can’t loss. Cut back on portion. Added extra 500 cal. Added heavy weights. Nothing! Tear drop!

    • Hi Monica, welcome! I’m so sorry you’re struggling! The scale can be such a jerk! Have you noticed that your clothes are fitting any looser? Sometimes the scale will stop moving but you will still be shrinking. I will tell you, I’m a big fan of Vinnie Tortorich (vinnietortorich.com, he also has the Angriest Trainer podcast and wrote “Fitness Confidential”) and he and I agree on this point: fitness is FANTASTIC for a lot of things, but weight loss is not one of them. I have had two posts about small mistakes that sometimes cause people to stall (the most recent article here: https://lchfamerica.wordpress.com/2013/10/27/common-mistakes-of-low-carbers-part-2/) but if you’re really stuck and none of those tricks seem to work, there may be something else going on. Both Vinnie Tortorich and Dietitian Cassie (dietitiancassie.com) have the option to pay for a consultation, and both are LCHF-friendly. They have years of health and fitness experience and may be able to get you back on the weight loss train! Good luck hon!

  2. sugarfreelee says:

    Ahah I love this! LCHF problems-I have them too!! Congratulations to you and your hubs for the weight loss!

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