Common mistakes of low carbers Part 2

A few months ago I addressed some common mistakes of low carbers.  I’d like to amend that list with some additional items.  Lets first recap my initial items:

  1. Not eating enough fat.
  2. Eating frankenfoods
  3. Thinking this is a high protein diet.
  4. Lazy carb counting
  5. giving yourself cheat days
  6. eating the same thing day after day
  7. not eating when hungry
  8. not planning ahead

For more information on that list, of course you can go to my initial post.  Here’s some additional items I’d like to add:

9.  Thinking that just because your carb count is low, you’re fine.   If you eat a “light meal” with broccoli, an entire bag of beef jerky, a diet soda and figure you’re doing awesome because your meal was under 10 carbs, you’re wrong.  This is called the low carb HIGH FAT diet, and you need to have lots of fat to balance low carbs.  You also need to eat real food.  Diet soda is not real food.  There is plenty of evidence out there that artificial sugars can stall weight loss.  I will use them as little as possible.  Special shoutout on this one goes to those gross “sugar free” yogurts out there that are fat free, sugar free candies, and all the other frankenfood out there.

10.  Believing that “gluten free” equals “low carb” or “grain free” (or basically believing any label).  Gluten free just means it likely doesn’t contain wheat; it has likely been replaced with rice or any number of very high glycemic flours.  Don’t let an advertiser tell you what to eat. Read the nutrition facts and ingredients list yourself.  And for the love of all things good, don’t fall for the “all natural” label.

11.  “But Sally can eat this….”.  Yeah, you remember how that conversation goes.  Sally could stay out til 10 pm when she was 7 years old, and you begged your parents to let you stay out until 10 pm too.  What did your parents say?  “Well, you’re not Sally.”  Some people end up having issues with things like nuts and dairy and have to cut them out, some don’t.  Some people end up being able to get away with eating a higher percentage of carbs a day than others.  Don’t compare yourself to other people, even someone with a similar body composition or other people in your household or family.  You are you.  Figure it out for yourself.  If you are stalled, it is up to you to do your own experiments.

12.  Going overboard on eating anything.  You need to find a new healthy food relationship.  Now, I am a strong believer in the thought that when  you increase the amount of fat in your diet, your desire to binge eat and eat obsessively goes way down (with the exception of those with true mental issues, I’m speaking to those with metabolic defects).   But you should not be eating large quantities of nuts, cheese, artificial sugar, berries, or anything that is making you eat when you are not hungry.  If the problem is that you overeat when you eat nuts, switch to raw nuts or just stop buying them.  If you find that you overeat when you make bread substitutions (nut muffins, etc), stop making them.  You will find a healthier relationship with the fuel that you are taking in, and you will find that the fight with your food goes away.  

Anyone have any other common mistakes to add to the list?

2 thoughts on “Common mistakes of low carbers Part 2

  1. Helen Woodley says:

    Gluten free doesnt mean it contains no wheat….it means it contains no gluten! Yes gluten is found in wheat but it is also in barley and rhy. Wheat free and gluten free are two separate things. On a wheat free diet you can drink beer yet on a gluten free diet you cant. I am a life long Coeliac.

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