Counting carbs vs percentage of carbs

I was recently asked “how many carbs do you eat in a day?” My response was, I have no idea anymore.  What I can tell you is my percentage of fat intake.  And I’d rather people focus on this.  Here’s why… and I’m about to throw some math concepts in your face.

First concept… calorie intakes vary by day.  Therefore, your carb intake will naturally vary by day.  By focusing on your ratios (fat/protein/carbs) instead of carb count, you are allowing yourself to still follow your appetite like you should with LCHF and your ratios will stay even.  If you eat less calories in the day, your carb intake will stay lower but your carb RATIO will be the same as any other day.

Second concept… if you focus on carb count instead of ratios, you are going to eat waaay to much carbs on the days that you don’t eat a lot of food.  That’s because your percentage of food coming from carbs will be higher than from fat or protein.

Third concept… it is important to balance any carb intake with fat intake.  By focusing on ratios, you will be reminding yourself to keep that balance.  So if you reach for an apple, you will remember to eat some nut butter too.

My ratios go like this: 70 fat/20 protein/10 carb.  How do yours look?

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One thought on “Counting carbs vs percentage of carbs

  1. […] your meal was under 10 carbs, you’re wrong.  This is called the low carb HIGH FAT diet, and you need to have lots of fat to balance low carbs.  You also need to eat real food.  Diet soda is not real food.  There is plenty of evidence out […]

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