Train wrecks in the grocery store

I keep it pretty simple in the grocery store.  I go to the produce section, I go to the meat section, I grab some cheese and eggs and heavy cream, I grab some nuts, and I go check out.  I don’t trust most shortcuts in food, and I’ve turned into a crazy label reader.  I wanted to share with you WHY I’m a crazy label reader.  Because foods are filled with CRAP.  Let me give you two examples of culinary train wrecks I saw recently at my local grocery stores.

Exhibit A… Hollandaise sauce mix.  Hollandaise sauce is kind of a pain in the butt, you’ve gotta whisk butter and eggs and it takes time and wrist strength… lets take a look at the ingredients shall we?

Partially hydrogenated soybean oil… oh goody, first ingredient is a trans fat.  I can stop right there.  Even if you continue, it’s full of all sorts of nasty stabilizers and fillers that you don’t need in your body.  Just stick with the real deal.

Exhibit B… this was accompanied by a very cheery looking lady at a booth grilling up sausage.  Who doesn’t love when they have food samples at the grocery store?  I’m in Wisconsin so there’s frequently cheese samples and I love love LOVE it.  Meat comes a close second though!  Let’s look at the front of the package…

First of all, “chicken sausage” sounds depressing, but thank goodness, they’ve added syrup to cover up the lack of flavor!  There’s 70% less fat (red flags flying everywhere), No Artificial Ingredients, and gluten free.  Some poor uneducated person would see the front of this sausage and think they were getting something healthy (plus a deal, since there’s a coupon!).  Let’s look at the back.


9 GRAMS OF SUGAR?? Noooo thank you.


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