Clean out your closet!

My cardio for the day was doing a much needed closet clean-out.  I had a lot of things hanging in there… some things were items I haven’t worn in a long time, some things were way too big on me, and some were items that I was wearing frequently.  It was hard for me to gauge just how many actual well-fitting items were actually in my closet.

Whether you are currently losing weight, or you’re just perusing this blog trying to muster up the courage to start losing weight, it is time to clean out your closet.  

Closet #2

Closet #2 (Photo credit: ianbckwltr)

Several years ago, I weighed a little less than I currently do.  I had gone through several life stresses in a row and then had two medical emergencies thrown at me, and I’d lost about 30 lbs from that stress and illness.  I fit into some very cute smaller pants, sure, but after I recovered from the stresses and the illnesses, I naturally gained that weight back.  I also gained some more weight.  (and then some more.)  I bought some clothes to fit me “temporarily”, but I left those smaller clothes hanging in my closet.  Every time I went to put on clothes in the morning, those smaller clothes were taunting me, dragging down my self-esteem.  I thought leaving those smaller clothes in my closet would motivate me to lose weight, but they just made me sad.

One day, I was hanging up freshly cleaned clothes, shoving clothes to make everything fit, and a light bulb went off.  Why am I letting this baggage clutter up my closet?  I wouldn’t let winter clothes take up all the room in summer, so why am I letting clothing that doesn’t fit my body take up so much space?  It makes me sad, it makes me frustrated, it isn’t worth it.  I grabbed a giant box and started throwing clothing into it.  I realized several things after i did this clean-out… I wasn’t that smaller woman anymore, but I respected the girl I saw in the mirror too much to torture her every day.  I also realized that I didn’t have enough shirts to feel pretty every day.  I went shopping and got myself some new clothes and accessories.

It took me until this year to have my medical ducks in a row to push to lose weight again, and I’m glad I didn’t throw away that box of clothes because i’m getting to wear a lot of those clothes now.  I’m not saying you need to throw the clothes away, burn them, give them away, or any of that nonsense.  Just stop having them hanging up, pretending like you’re putting them on tomorrow.  The same thing goes for the clothes that are too BIG, those of you that are actively losing weight or have lost a lot of weight.  Stop pretending like you’re still that bigger person.  You still may have difficulties realizing what size you are (I have to hold clothes up to my body to know if they fit me, because I can’t tell just by looking at them), but the clean-out will help with that.  If your weight is still changing, go through your closet once a month to see if anything else needs removing.

One thought on “Clean out your closet!

  1. ashley ferraro says:

    Well said!

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