Wedding dress and jeans

I thought it would be interesting to try on my wedding dress this week.   After all, very few people weigh less than when they got married, never mind over 60 pounds less, I should really treasure this!     Ladies, you know how much undergarments and structure go into wearing a wedding dress, and they are a necessity to get a dress to actually zip up, and it usually requires at least one other person to help you.  When I was able to zip the dress up MYSELF without sucking in, wearing a corset, etc, I was in heaven.  When I had my husband take pictures of me and I compared them to last April when we got married, I was even more surprised.  What a difference!  Not just in how I look different, but how the dress sits different on me.  While the dress doesn’t fall off me (most of my weight loss is from the waist and below), it is now easily a size too big and at least an inch too long.

If you’re wondering if our best man behind us in the bottom left photo is sexy-dancing with a glass of beer: yes, yes he is.

You can see how the dress was even a teeny bit short on me for the wedding (and I wore flip flops, so shoes didn’t make the difference), and now the dress drags in front.

I also FINALLY got some new jeans that fit.  They are FIVE sizes smaller than what I wore in January!  Just for kicks, I tried them on this morning.

BWAHAHAAAA another person could live in these with me!  I’ll just stick with my new jeans on the right, thank you!


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4 thoughts on “Wedding dress and jeans

  1. susanklement says:

    Wow, that is so great! The dress is obviously too big on you, but you really look great in it–curvy in the right proportions, if that makes sense. The jeans look great, too!

  2. You look incredible!!! Keep up the good work!

  3. Kyra Meyer says:

    The term to use here is Booyah!

  4. ashley ferraro says:

    Wow look at that waist! : D

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