Recipe Round-up: Mock Garlic Mashed Potatoes

I just got done having a lovely weekend with two of my best friends and former bridesmaids.  One of them eats the Standard American Diet, one of them is a low carb convert.  It was no challenge keeping the high carb and low carb groups at the table happy!  Lunch yesterday was my parmesan crusted chicken, dinner was steaks on the grill (by this point the high carb girl was dipping into the carb stash…. whoops, next time I have to plan for that, I don’t have carbs in the house!) and some delicious mashed cauliflower seasoned to tasted just like garlic mashed potatoes.  Potatoes and beef are a classic combo, so it was nice to provide a potato substitute to go with our steaks.  I wouldn’t change a thing about the recipe, they turn out great as is!

Happy eating!

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One thought on “Recipe Round-up: Mock Garlic Mashed Potatoes

  1. […] Mix the salt, paprika, garlic powder, and black pepper and spread it all over the chicken.  You can throw some inside the chicken too. Drizzle some oil on the chicken breast, it’ll help it crisp up.  Place chicken in the hot cast iron skillet breast side up.  Turn off the burner, and place the cast iron skillet in the oven.  Cook until chicken breast registers at 170 degrees, about 45 minutes for a 4 pound chicken.  Let chicken rest 10 minutes before serving.  This would go great with mashed cauliflower! […]

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