“All-Natural” doesn’t mean healthy

The term “natural” is not regulated by FDA.  Yet it’s all over our food.  Why?  Because it makes people feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Just like how people feel better hearing that their jelly beans are fat free, their processed cheese has no added sugar, and their soybean oil has no trans fats.  Even if those statements are true, doesn’t mean you should stick them in your mouth.

SuperHusband knows that I get riled up when I see the word “natural” on a product in the store, and he says “lets buy it, it says it’s all natural.”  Here’s always my response…

“Anthrax is all natural, but I sure don’t want to eat it!”


Anthrax (Photo credit: agrilifetoday)

Let’s even assume that “natural” was regulated, and it meant that the food couldn’t contain synthetic substances.  This still would leave all the sugars, grains, and bad oils (soybean corn oil and others) that we shouldn’t be eating.  And anthrax.  Mmm, anthrax.

Stop buying the gimmick that they are selling you on the label!  (Better yet, don’t buy food with a label!)



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2 thoughts on ““All-Natural” doesn’t mean healthy

  1. […] syrup to cover up the lack of flavor!  There’s 70% less fat (red flags flying everywhere), No Artificial Ingredients, and gluten free.  Some poor uneducated person would see the front of this sausage and think they […]

  2. […] 10.  Believing that “gluten free” equals “low carb” or “grain free” (or basically believing any label).  Gluten free just means it likely doesn’t contain wheat; it has likely been replaced with rice or any number of very high glycemic flours.  Don’t let an advertiser tell you what to eat. Read the nutrition facts and ingredients list yourself.  And for the love of all things good, don’t fall for the “all natural” label. […]

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