Where does all of this energy come from??

Not that I’m complaining… but I have so much energy lately!  I was so antsy at my desk today, trying to focus on work, but something was pulling me outside.  I mean, of course the weather was nice, the sun was shining, but I just couldn’t sit still anymore.  I needed to move!

6 months ago, I wouldn’t have wanted to go for a walk.  My joints hurt, I had no energy, and no desire to go for a walk.  Even when walking, I felt like I ran out of fuel quickly.  I could physically walk several miles if I had to, but it wouldn’t be pretty, and I’d be sore for days.  The day after my wedding, I was in so much pain from all the running around.

I want you to think about what an amazing thing it is for the human body to desire to want to run around when it is running on a calorie deficit (like when someone is losing weight).  Your body is realizing that you aren’t eating enough calories to sustain your current weight, but it’s okay with that.  I hear a lot of weird diet advice where people talk about the body trying to maintain the status quo, that’s why it’s so hard to lose a pound, that’s why people have such a hard time doing exercise, and I just don’t believe the scientific theory behind it (which they tout as fact).  I really believe it is the fuel they are putting in their bodies.  (This is my personal opinion, and we all know I’m not a doctor, but you should hear the nonsense I’ve heard from some doctors.)  If you are trying to run your body on carbohydrates, which your body wants to store as fat immediately upon consumption, then yes, losing a pound is hard, and it is hard to convince your body to convert that into energy.

Here I am, very overweight (okay, morbidly obese, but lets not get all technical) and I’m saying that I’ve got so much darn energy.  As anyone who has read Taubes knows,  when someone who gets to my size is gaining weight, the food that they are eating is not readily available to their activities for energy.  Once they start losing, huzzah, they are actually hauling around a nuclear power plant.  A virtually unlimited supply of fuel to run their body.  That power plant gets decommissioned anytime the carb supply gets turned up; it blocks all power lines.  Once the carbs get minimized, bzzzzzz, on comes the power.

If you are still sitting here not doing low carb…. stop sitting, first of all, the weather is beautiful outside, go and enjoy it.  Secondly… please. try it.  Two weeks. If you find all this energy annoying, you can go back to your old sluggish self.

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