Chicken stir fry with red bell pepper cream sauce

Welcome back, appetite.  I missed you.  I had such a lack of appetite with my cold.  Now the weather is all over the place and I was wanting to make tomato bisque, but apparently didn’t buy tomatoes.  Then I thought… red bell pepper soup?  Then started thinking about a bunch of different red bell pepper possibilities.  Have I lost you yet?  I have some fresh red bell peppers in the fridge, but I actually didn’t even touch them for today’s dinner.  For the sauce, I used jarred roasted red bell peppers that I always keep on hand for when I craving for my amazing chili strikes.  For the stir fry, I used a bag of frozen vegetables that included bell peppers.

Chicken Stir Fry

  • Chicken breast, cut into even-ish strips
  • fresh or frozen vegetables of your choice, cut into strips.  I chose a bag of bell peppers and onions
  • cooking oil of your choice

Roasted Red Pepper Cream Sauce

  • 1-2 roasted red peppers, either freshly roasted or from jar
  • one cup heavy cream
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 1/4 cup parmesan or romano cheese
  • 1 T butter

Depending on your equipment, you can go about the sauce one of two ways.  You can either stick the heavy cream and red peppers into a food processor/blender until you get the consistency you want, or if you have a stick blender you can put everything into the pot and use a stick blender to get what you are going for.  Heat on low.  It’s going to be a pretty light red color.

Meanwhile, heat up a stir-fry or saute pan on medium with some oil in it, and cook up the chicken breast and vegetables until done.  If frozen, you should be able to cook everything at once.

Q:  That looks good but I want to make it low fat.  Can I switch it to half and half?

A:  Only if you want to feel like you are starving.  This blog is called “Low Carb High FAT.”  Fat is good.  Come over to the dark side.  We aren’t hungry.

Q:  Stir fry doesn’t go with a cream sauce!

A: That isn’t a question.  And you’re wrong.

Q:  Why do you put made up Q&A’s in your blog?

A: Because it’s my blog.

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