This one’s for the ladies

Ladies, let’s chat.  YOU know what I’m talking about.  THAT time of the month.  You’re afraid of trying LCHF because you know that when Shark Week arrives, it’s all ice cream and potato chips up in here.  And chocolate?  Where’s the chocolate??

I’ve got news for you!

Once you break through your carb addiction (usually in the first 2 weeks of a low carb diet), your carb cravings will be nada.  Even when Aunt Flo is visiting.  I pinkie swear.  And you’ll be free to eat plenty of red meat to keep your iron up, eat pepperoni chips, chow down on a giant spinach salad or whatever your new craving is.  Your body is run by biological need now, not carb addiction.  It’s pretty awesome!  Okay, maybe you don’t *need* pepperoni chips.  But you can tell your husband you do.


Okay.  Okay.  Calm down.

You’ve got two choices… the first one is Coco Cocoa Butter, which could also be called “why have I been paying big bucks for Magic Shell all these years??”  It does have a coconut taste to it, so if that is a no-go for you, you are left with the second choice.  That is, dark chocolate.  There is sugar in that, and I wouldn’t recommend more than a bite or two.  Give the Coco Cocoa Butter a try first.  I love it, and after a spoonful my chocolate craving is totally gone.  I used to need to eat half of a big bag of M&M’s to get rid of my chocolate craving before.  Bye-bye, carbs!

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