Grocery shopping!

Grocery shopping is so much more fun now than when I was eating the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.).  First of all, it is much much much quicker.  I spend less.  And I get to justify buying all these delicious cheeses and fish and steak and organic berries and don’t have to feel guilty!

Here’s a sampling of what I bought this week:

-organic bell peppers

-ground grass-fed beef

-organic heavy cream (I’m really partial to the screw-top on this brand, even if it wasn’t organic I would buy it!)

-parmesan (I’m obsessed)

-cherrywood and applewood smoked bacon (see previous post)

-organic zucchini

-organic spinach

-salted almonds

-free range organic chicken


Would it shock you that I pay less now that I did before I started eating LCHF?  I think it was all the tempting packaged food.


You’ll see that I listed grassfed beef.  You may be saying “I don’t think my store sells this!”  And you may be right.. but I didn’t think my store did either until I bothered looking.  If they don’t sell it, tell the store you’d buy it if they did!  Start a trend!  In the meantime, you can go to to find a farmer in your area that sells meat.  Some will require you to purchase large amounts, ranging from a full cow to a quarter cow, but some may sell them in 1-5 lb increments.  And don’t forget your local farmer’s market.


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