My Bacon Obsession

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I kind of have this thing with bacon.  Always have.  It’s crispy, rich, warm, smells amazing, and we grew up hearing that it was bad for us.  Instantly makes it more appealing!  I remember once a friend and I cooked up a pound of bacon and we ended up splitting it and eating it in one sitting, and hearing my mother say in a horrified voice “That wasn’t healthy!!”  Sorry Mom… bacon is okay to eat!

Before anyone comments “people on low carb shouldn’t eat only bacon!  It’s about more than just bacon!” Calm yourself! I eat way more than bacon.  I don’t recommend trying to live on bacon, just like one shouldn’t try and live on any singular substance.  But I don’t want anyone to feel guilty frying up a pan of the good stuff.  I even save the rendered fat in a container in the fridge for cooking with.

“Cooking with bacon fat?” you say?  (I really need to come up with a font for “uninitiated low carber who is scared of fat”).  Yes.  It’s loaded with healthy fat including saturated fat.  “Saturated fat isn’t healthy!” you say?  Yes it is.  Welcome to the 21st century.  Glad you’ve gotten here. Now back to the bacon fat.  Yes, cooking with bacon fat is amazing, it’s got great stuff in it, tastes great (duh, it comes from BACON), and you can use it in dressings, to saute vegetables or other meats, or to season your cast iron skillet.  When I miss my beloved potato chips, I’ve been known to eat pork rinds, aka chicharrones , which tastes a lot like bacon.

I could go on and on about bacon, but I’m getting hungry, and need to go make some bacon.  I’ll leave you with some bacon recipes, and hope you’ll comment with some of your own!

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