You are a work in progress

I’m not at my goal weight, so while I see that I’ve dropped 57 lbs and moved 6 holes on my belt and can’t seem to buy clothes fast enough to cover my shrinking body, I’m still unhappy with the way I look.  If I can’t find clothes small enough to wear and am forced to wear baggy clothes, I suddenly look 20 pounds heavier and want to cry (and sometimes do).  Losing weight puts you in a bit of an identity crisis… you literally don’t recognize the person you see in the mirror.

I have to remember that I really like this chick in the mirror, though.  Not only has she always been pretty smokin’ hot, but she’s got some great willpower.  She turns down chocolate from her coworker on the daily, she sticks to LCHF even though her husband eats the Standard American Diet and loves his fruit snacks and fritos, and she had the cojones to tell an idiot dietician that they were wrong about what type of diet was right for her.

Even when you stumble, whether it be for a moment, a meal, a day, or a week, or more, it’s okay.  You are a work in progress.  Make a promise to that person in the mirror that you are worth getting back up.  Remember what your goals are: are you trying to lose weight?  Steady your blood sugars?  Tame your PCOS?  Keep up with your kids?  Reclaim fertility?  Find your energy?  Reminding yourself of what your end game is will help you find the strength to continue.

You are a work in progress.   So am I.  Even if you are at your goal weight, I’d bet there are things you wish were different about you… they may be physical, may be emotional, may be mental.  You’ll get there.  Be kind to yourself.

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One thought on “You are a work in progress

  1. Erin says:

    Wow…are you me? lol I am gearing up to start LCHF beginning of September (after I start to quit smoking in July) and a lot of your goals are the same as mine…it’s encouraging that you are able to loose the weight, even with PCOS – I know that ride all to well! Congrats and keep it going!

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