How do you go LCHF when your significant other/family is eating S.A.D.?

As I was writing my last post, I realized there may be others who are in my shoes… I’m sitting here eating low carb, and SuperHusband is eating chocolate-covered granola bars.  Love him to pieces.  But that stuff smells good and I want to eat it too!  Temptations are everywhere, and it is hard when they are staring at you across the dinner table.  The Standard American Diet is everything you don’t want to be.

I could just say “I’m not buying carbs, deal with it, carbs shall not pass over this threshold” but 1)I don’t want to set a speed record for divorce and 2)to each their own.  Your kids may still want their poptarts, maybe your wife doesn’t want to give up her morning oatmeal or her daily Starbucks run.  And you know, I’d bet breakfasts aren’t so tempting for you if you’ve been properly eating a full-on LCHF breakfast. you’ve got your bell pepper omelette and you’re sitting pretty knowing in an hour they’re going to be starving after those frosted flakes have been quickly digested and you’ll still be pleasantly satiated.  For lunch, you probably don’t eat together.  Kids are at school or running around, everyone is running errands or on different schedules.  Dinner is the biggest struggle in this house.

How you do dinner may depend on where you are at in your LCHF journey.  If you’ve recently broken your carb addiction, it may seriously break your heart to serve a carb side dish like rice or pasta or potatoes for your family.  If you’re going to be tempted, don’t do it.  They won’t starve.  If they want carbs, they can load up another time, or have them with a snack later.  There are so many delicious meat dishes and vegetables dishes, I would hope they wouldn’t mind missing some carbs.  Try to accommodate as best as you can, without putting yourself in the way of temptation.  Are you okay with having berries on the table?  What about toast?  Maybe you don’t really like rice, will it be okay if that’s on the table instead of the mashed potatoes that you miss so much?  Talk it through with yourself.  Ask yourself these same questions in a few weeks, your answers may have changed.

Maybe your household has different struggles… maybe your pressure points ARE breakfast or lunch.  Come up with a game plan.  Talk with the family.  Hopefully everyone can accommodate each other, for health’s sake.

Be well!

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4 thoughts on “How do you go LCHF when your significant other/family is eating S.A.D.?

  1. susanklement says:

    I am a reformed vegetarian so my kids are just thrilled I am serving them meat, lol. One night last week, my daughter and I just had Italian sausages for dinner–we’d had some veggies for an earlier snack, so we just had meat for dinner. She was so happy!

  2. Ha! I bet! Has the transition been hard to eating so much more meat?

    I had been eating low fat before and counting calories, so my husband and I used to have to discuss how many calories i had remaining before we could figure out what to eat that night…. booooring. Now it’s “sure, we can eat here! Or we can go out! Drive thru? I could go for a (bunless) burger! Wanna fire up the grill?” We’ve got this down. The first few weeks can be a struggle in my experience until they realize that you aren’t starving them, and you realize that you really can feel content eating just a burger patty, or the cheese off a pizza, or a bunless hot dog, or *insert any other version of americana while removing carb component*. My biggest success of recent weeks is allowing my husband order pizza and eating the cheese and meat and tossing the crust.

    • susanklement says:

      I don’t know how I missed this, sorry for the late reply!

      It has been a bit difficult adjusting to eating so much meat, but I didn’t go straight from vegetarian to low-carb at least. I had been eating meat for a while, and the realization that I felt so much better eating meat was opening my mind to the idea that maybe meat was more healthy than I thought. Adjusting to the high fat was the hard part–I used to eat really low fat, so a lot of the food just seemed greasy to me. I am used to it now, though.

      I have a bit of a dairy allergy, so that complicates a few things, but there are some dairy things I can eat if I am careful. And, it is pretty easy to get the burger and toss the bun, like you say, :).

  3. […]  He announced to me on Friday that he wants to do LCHF which I was pleasantly surprised at.  Most of his favorite foods contain carbs, so I was a little unsure of how the weekend would go.  Despite pushing through some keto flu […]

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