Sugar content of medicine

The sun is shining, the grass is growing, and pollen is flying around everywhere.  Sneezing yet?  I sure am.  I’m lucky when I can see clearly when I open my eyes in the morning right now.  Pre-LCHF, i’d probably reach for any ol’ allergy medicine to take care of my symptoms.  Now I check every bottle.  Did you realize that a lot of medicines have sugar added to them?  That cherry flavor wasn’t added with fairy dust.

If you don’t have a bottle of allergy or cold medicine handy, go to and check out the ingredients for the Children’s Benadryl.  Sugar! I like how they label it as “Sucrose”, how fancy.  There’s a reason they make special cold medicine for diabetics.

What is an allergy sufferer to do?  You have a few options.  First, the pill form (not the fast melt) of medications tend to have less or no sugar since they don’t have to flavor them.  I’ve personally never been kicked out of ketosis by the pill form of any allergy medicine *yet*, but as previously discussed, everyone’s body is different.  You can suffer through with no medicine.  You can try alternative treatments as well, like using a neti pot, or treating with essential oils.  I am a big fan of a neti pot and I’ve stopped getting sinus infections since I started using one, and my sister swears by her essential oils.  You need to decide based on your symptoms, your body, and your comfort zone what you want to do.

Did you notice I didn’t include “you can also use the cold medicine made for diabetics” on that list?  Cold medicines do nothing for colds, and aren’t going to help your allergies.  The only “cold medicine” that shows any effectiveness for colds is decongestants like pseudoephedrine.  I know it sucks to sit there and suffer and not take anything when you’ve got a cold, but there is no reason to be ingesting chemicals when you don’t need to be.

I’ve seen countless posts from people who have accidentally kicked themselves out of ketosis by forgetting that all sorts of medications contain sugar, so maintain vigilance.  Try a new solution.  You’ve already kicked your carb habit, why not try an alternative treatment to your allergies.

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