Parmesan Alfredo Chicken

With LCHF, you end up doing a lot of cooking.  Thankfully, you can use a wealth of delicious decadent ingredients: butter, heavy cream, nuts, meats, and mayo.  You may find that you miss certain convenience items, however.  I missed this premixed breading called Fryin’ Magic.  It’s delicious.  But, it’s loaded with carbs.  I don’t recommend making breaded chicken every day, low carb or not, but when you’re really craving it this is a great alternative.

I also have a confesssion to make… before I first made this recipe, I was terrified of making an alfredo sauce.  It sounded horribly complicated, and I was afraid of burning it.  If you have the same fears, please brush them aside.  It is so easy, and insanely delicious.  My friend Mimi said she wants to just straight drink the stuff.


Parmesan Alfredo Chicken



Almond flour

Mayo  (if you’re afraid of using mayo, you can use eggs, but seriously, man up.)

Black pepper

Seasoning of your choice, I used rosemary

Chicken breast


Coat chicken in mayo, then coat in parmesan/almond flour mixture (half parmesan, half almond flour.. the amounts will depend on how much chicken you are cooking).  Heat oil in sauté pan on medium until drop of water sizzles as it hits the oil.  Place coated chicken carefully into the pan.  Season chicken with black pepper and your chosen seasoning.  Cook both sides until golden and until chicken is fully cooked.

Now, while chicken is cooking, cook this AMAZING sauce:

Garlic Parmesan Cream Sauce

1 T lemon juice

½ pint heavy cream

½ cup parmesan

3-4 cloves of garlic, chopped fine.  This is for a house that adores garlic.  If this is not your type of house, adjust accordingly.

Black pepper

2 T butter

Heat on medium-low until butter is melted and cream is slightly reduced, to a “alfredo” like consistency, stirring occasionally.

When it’s all done, it’ll look something like this:

20130415_201144cropped 20130430_194426_resized (hmm, pardon the first picture.  I got excited and poured the sauce on top of the chicken.  It ain’t pretty, but it was tasty!)

Look… see?  Can you tell that there is no “bread” in that breading? No corn either?  Give it a try!  See what you think!  If you’ve got high-carbers in the house, you can easily make a side of pasta or rice to go with this and they’ll be happy too.

Q:  Hey, that’s some fancy parmesan there, do I need to use that too?

A: Heck no!  That may or may not have been stunt parmesan.  I have a parmesan shaker in the fridge.

Q: You call for cloves of garlic, but I see a tube of garlic in the before pic.  What’s up with that?

A: Gremlins.

Q:  Why don’t you have any veggies in this meal?

A: Who are you, my mother? Just kidding.  Um, sometimes I just eat meat.  Don’t judge.

Happy eating!

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3 thoughts on “Parmesan Alfredo Chicken

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