LCHF breakfast ideas

Spring has finally arrived in the Midwest.  I had serious doubts on whether the grass would ever green up, but I did finally hear lawn mowers going yesterday.  I’ve been happily eating warming comfort foods for breakfast, but now want to think of some cold breakfasts to eat to compliment the warmer weather that has arrived.

-Eggs are powerhouses of protein, fat, B12, and a bunch of other stuff, all in one teeny little package.  For those that love hard-boiled eggs, these make a fantastic breakfast, especially in a grab-and-go situation.  A lot of grocery stores sell pre-boiled, pre-peeled eggs these days too.  Look for vegetarian-fed eggs if possible (Eggland’s Best, among other brands), which have better nutritional value.

-Berries and cream, if you watch your carb count and can tolerate berries.  This is one of those decadent “I can’t believe I’m losing weight” breakfasts.  I’ve sat at work before munching on my berries that I have drenched in heavy whipped cream and seen the looks I get.  Enjoy every bite.

–  Walnuts and cheese.  This is another item that you can pack ahead of time and just grab for the drive in.  Walnuts are another nutritional powerhouse, and cheese, well, need I say more.  It’s cheese.  Shake it up with your cheeses.  If you’ve been buying blah cheeses all these years, try some stronger cheeses.  Try some extra sharp cheddar, toss some feta on your salad, grate some FRESH parmesan on your chicken.  But now I’m getting into other meals.

What are your favorite LCHF breakfasts, hot or cold?

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